I welcome you all to Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com & M.Com) & Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs in Sadanam Kumaran College (SKC) Mankara, Palakkad.

We convey best quality Education and Training to students for shaping their careers for sustainable corporate world. The Department of commerce aims to provide academically efficient and professionally relevant Teaching in the areas of Accounting and Finance. Along with Academic Knowledge, B.Com department also trains for potential candidates to face the challenges in life and their career by providing many value added Programmes to enhance their expertise.

Our goal is to impart value based education along with the development of positive attitude, better communication skills and abilities through Training programs, Club Activities, Cultural & Sports Activities and proficiency of preparing Business Plan, raising of funds, becoming entrepreneur to apply knowledge in order to meet the challenges of future.


Department of Commerce thus embraces all those functions involved in the making, buying, selling and transport of goods. As a subject of organized study, commerce has recently come to the fore. Today, the subject is of prime importance as the nations that are foremost in the world have what may be called commercial rather than industrial, economies, with commercial activities and occupations attracting the largest part of both capital and labour resources.


Gandhi Seva Sadan Charitable Trust was established in 2005 under which the Sadanam Kumaran Arts and Science College was started in 2012 with a vision of Hon. K.Kumaran to provide good Quality education to students from rural area and also started Commerce Department with B.Com CA & BBA courses. Department of Commerce thus emphasis on overall development of student for that we provide various daily activities and some weekly activities and number of interclass competitions with their regular curriculum.

We also encourage students to think creatively & to develop right mindset to meet the challenges of globalised business environment through value based education, interpersonal relations & outreach programmes. The curriculum is taught by eminent faculty members combining academic excellence & real world experience with dedication & commitment.


SL NODegreeSanctioned seatsCurrent Strength (AY 2020-21)
1 BBA Finance 70 49
2 B.Com Finance 70 53
3 B.Com Cooperation 40 39
4 B.Com CA 70 43
5 M.Com Finance 30 18
Degree & SpecializationCourse ObjectivesCourse OutcomeCareer Opportunities
BBA Finance 1) Understand the process of business management & its functions

2) Familiarize the students with current management practices

3) Acquire knowledge & capability to develop ethical practices for effective management
1) To prepare the students for entry-level profiles in finance

2) Develops some necessary skills required for financial management such as investment and insurance
1) MNC, Export companies

2) Business consultancies

3) Banks

4) Marketing manager
B.Com Finance 1) Developing professional knowledge and skills in Accounting, Finance & Taxation

2) Enhancing employability to be able to take up challenging job assignments like CA
1) To find out the technical expertise in maintaining the books of accounts

2) To enable the students to learn the basic concepts of partnership accounting & allied aspects of accounting
1) Finance Manager, Operations Manager

2) Banks, Business schools, Credit organizations

3) Indian Civil Services, Insurance

B.Com Cooperation 1) Equipping students with skills essential in the discipline of cooperative institutions & allied enterprises

2) Providing practical & professional skills to work in corporate industries
1) To inculcate the principles of co-operation among the students

2) To acquaint the students with the management and working of co-operatives.
1) Financial analyst, Investment analyst, CFO

2) Accounts assistant, Accountant

3) Articled trainee
B.Com CA 1) Providing knowledge in commerce as well as in computer programming & computer systems

2) Equip students with practical skills
1) Students are taught to use the software technology for their professional requirements

2) Exhibit their knowledge on database management systems in day to day business affairs
1) IT industry, educational institutes, computer training centres, web designing

2) Banking sector, mobile app developer, accounts assistant
M.Com Finance 1) Provide wide range of financial skills while building competence in business

2) Learning about general business, accounting, finance, business management, human resources & marketing
1) To acquaint a student with conventional as well as contemporary areas in the discipline of Commerce

2) To train the student to develop conceptual, applied & research skills & competencies
1 Teacher, Lecturer, Professional

2) Bank, Railways, Insurance

3) MNC

4) Senior Accountants